Three Important Steps to Selling Quickly and For More Money

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Today I want to speak with you about selling your home for the most money and in the least amount of time. There are three key factors involved in accomplishing this goal, and we're going to discuss them below.
  1. Location: This will ultimately determine how many buyers look at your home. This also determines what school district you belong in, and that's an important part of determining the future value of your home. 
  2. Price: When you overprice your home, you risk losing buyers immediately. If they see your home is overpriced, they'll never take another look at it. Pricing your home correctly is the most important marketing tool that you have. If you do your research and price your home right, you'll be able to get multiple offers and that will generate top dollar for your home. 
  3. Staging: This is an extremely important way to get a good first impression out of a buyer. Besides the price of your home, this is the number one way to appeal to customers. Make sure your home is sparkling clean, very well lit, and ensure that it is not cluttered and allows easy traffic flow for showings. You don't want the buyers to think that anyone lives in your property. Homes that are clean and neutralized often sell the best.
The spring selling season is coming up, so we hope you've found some value in these tips. If you'd like more information on what you can do to net more money for your Grand Rapids home, then please contact my team. We're always willing to help you!