Why Would you Sell Your Home During the Winter?

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Why Would you Sell Your Home During the Winter?

OK, let's talk about selling your home. A lot of people have been asking us if they should list their property now, or wait until the spring when there are more buyers. Most people generally think that listing their home this time of year is a bad idea, because there are no buyers out there. 

Should you sell your home in the winterActually, there are a ton of buyers out there, especially with these low interest rates we have been seeing. At just over 4%, these historically low interest rates are an opportunity that most buyers have figured out they shouldn't pass up. Waiting for another decrease in interest rates doesn't really make sense, as they are expected by many experts do increase in the next year by at least 1.5%. That might not sound like very much, but could cost you an extra $100,000 throughout the life of your mortgage.

We are currently at our lowest point of the year in terms of homes for sale. Combined with the fact that there are still a ton of great buyers out there, is great news for anybody thinking about selling their home. When we have low inventory, every home that comes on the market has a lot of traffic through it, especially with the number of buyers we have right now.

The holidays are a joyous time, where we decorate our homes and create a warm environment for all of our holiday guests. This is great for the environment of holiday buyers as well. You will likely be one of the few homes in your area on the market. 

If you have every reason to sell but are planning on holding off until spring, think again. You could be shooting yourself in the foot by not taking advantage of the trends we are seeing right now. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via call, text, or email. We hope to hear from you soon!