Selling in the Winter: List Now and Face Less Competition and Increase Demand for Your Home!

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 Is Now a Good Time to Sell Your Home

Today we are going to discuss whether or not you should sell your home in the winter or wait until spring. When people decide to sell, whether that is in the winter or spring, it is all a matter of timing for the individual. Most sellers only think that they can only list exclusively in the spring and because that’s the truth, most people wait. The result of this is that very few homes hit the market between 
January and March creating a low inventory environment.

If you’re a seller that is ready and has everything lined up, it would be a great strategy to get ahead of the market. On the contrary, sellers who list in the spring may have nicer weather, but also face more competition. This could be 2-3 times more active listings that they would be competing with! By listing your home in the winter, you have less competition to face which in turn increases demand for your home.

There are personal preferences that may also factor in when the right time would be to sell your home. This could be certain features of your home that show better in the spring or waiting until school gets out, just to name a few. There is really no bad time to be on the market!

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